Alumni Career Spotlight Series: Rebecca Ciciretti

Rebecca Ciciretti

Name: Rebecca Ciciretti

Degrees: Dual MPA-MSES with concentrations in Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, and Risk Assessment & Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management ‘14

Position: Latin America and Caribbean Program Specialist, Office of International Programs at the U.S. Forest Service

What …

By Meloddy Gao
Meloddy Gao Meloddy Gao
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5 Tips to Manage Your Email Inbox

Email Tips Pic

As more things have moved online, the volume of emails has increased exponentially leaving many of us overwhelmed by our email inboxes every week. From canvas announcements, to university announcements, and group project communications, we are all constantly attempting to …

By Eric Ashby
Eric Ashby Eric Ashby
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Connecting with Employers via LinkedIn and Email: The Necessities

Connecting to Employersvia LinkedIn and Email_ The Necessities

Meeting, interacting with, and learning from employers is a key part of the internship and job search. As intimidating as this process can be, researchers estimate that upwards of 70-80% of jobs are not even published but rather distributed based …

By Sydney Evans
Sydney Evans Sydney Evans
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