O’Neill Environmental Professional Students Association at Indiana University (OEPSA)

Our mission is, To leverage the passion and experience of our students to create meaningful connections between graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers, while facilitating robust learning opportunities for O’Neill students as we lead for the greater good.”

OEPSA is a graduate student-led organization that has three main objectives as we prepare O’Neill our students to lead for the greater good:

  • Learn. Seek to build knowledge and professional competencies by connecting graduate students with O’Neill alumni, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders who have experience in environmental fields of interest, including, but not limited to: energy, water, agriculture, climate, sustainable development, and more.
  • Connect. Create and maintain meaningful relationships between employers, alumni, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders and O’Neill graduate students across all sectors in order to facilitate professional development and improve eventual placement for students.
  • Develop. Provide opportunities for O’Neill graduate students to build leadership and networking skills in a professional setting by empowering them to explore careers of interest and engage our robust alumni network and the greater Bloomington community.

Join us today! Contact our executive team to get involved and attend our events/meetings.

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