Offer Negotiation

Even though having a conversation about compensation can be uncomfortable, it’s important to do so sooner rather than later. Once you’ve accepted an offer, it’s often too late to try to negotiate salary or benefits.

Career Resources

Job Benefits: How to Negotiate Your Worth

Check out the recording of Mallory Elver (BSAM ’15, MAAA ’20) at Brainlabs on how to evaluate and negotiate job …

Job Offer Decision Matrix

Use this matrix to help determine which job offer best matches your values and meets your preferred job criteria.

Understand your worth and plan your next career move with easy-to-use tools.
Salary Research: Learn what employers are paying for …

The Office of Personnel Management provides policy leadership and expertise on a variety of Governmentwide pay programs for Federal employees, …


Congressional staff salary data comes from the official records of the House and Senate. The salary disclosures section reflects gross …


Browse SimplyHired for jobs, view local and national salary information, discover companies, and learn about the job market in a …

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