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Alumni Spotlight: Ginelle Heller, U.S. Forest Service

Ginelle Heller completed her dual degree in 2012 from O’Neill in MPA (Public and Nonprofit Management) and MSES (Applied Ecology). Ginelle currently serves as the Volunteers and Service Program Specialist for the U.S. Forest Service Southern Region. Ginelle was also …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Graduate Career Consultant June Coleman
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Check out the new Career Hub Curriculum Vitae (CV) Standard

As you apply to opportunities, have you noticed postings that require a CV or Curriculum Vitae?  The CV is quite different from the standard resume and it is important to understand how to write a solid CV and when to …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Graduate Career Consultant June Coleman
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How to Describe Greek Life Experience on Your Resume

Fraternities and sororities  at Indiana University have over 8000 members combined, each member having their unique story of how fraternity and sorority life has showcased their talents and interests. For many, time spent in Greek life is hard to describe …

By Arunabh Sinha
Arunabh Sinha Peer Educator Arunabh Sinha
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How to use Teal (a useful job tracker)

Teal is a job tracker that students can use to organize and keep track of jobs and internships that they have applied for. This tool helps students have a more productive job search by allowing them to bookmark jobs with …

By Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Lauren Johnson
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Alumni Spotlight- Oscar Arredondo, Senior Financial Analyst, Intel Corporation

Oscar Arredondo is a 2018 O’Neill School alumnus who majored in Public Financial Management. He currently works as a Senior Financial Analyst for Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon. Below are insights on his journey and advice for current O’Neill students:

By Carlin Way
Carlin Way Career Consultant Carlin Way
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The Importance of a Handwritten Thank-You

While email thank-you notes are perfectly appropriate in many scenarios, there are times when a handwritten thank-you note can help you stand out. There isn’t an exact science for deciding when to write a thank-you note, so consider your individual …

By Eric Ashby
Eric Ashby Eric Ashby
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Alumni Spotlight – Collin Drat, Project Manager, Raftelis

As a part of this week’s Graduate Student Newsletter’s focus on Finance-related industries and careers, we caught up with Collin Drat, O’Neill MPA alumnus from 2012.  Collin is currently a Project Manager at Raftelis in Kansas City, Missouri.  Raftelis is …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Graduate Career Consultant June Coleman
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