When you have to convey your whole professional self in one page or less, every word counts! For resume best practices, check out some of our resources here to make sure you have the most compelling portrayal of your brilliant self imaginable.

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Not sure where to begin? Start with our resources below to craft your general resume. You’ll want to focus on clean formatting, strong actions verbs, and detailed yet concise accomplishment statements. Upload your general resume to the resume platform, Quinncia, to receive dynamic resume analysis and personalized guidance.

The Undergraduate O’Neill Resume Standard is straight forward and has everything your future employer needs to know in a simple, easy-to-scan format.

The Graduate O’Neill Resume Standard includes more details and has the option to reach two full pages. It is still straight forward and has everything your future employer needs to know in a simple, easy-to-scan format. You can also choose a resume standard specific to your degree.

The Effective Accomplishment (bullet point) Statements resource helps you create a marketable resume. Too often resume bullet points become a list of job tasks or basic duties without any connection to skills employers seek or accomplishments to demonstrate performance ability. This will help you stand out against the competition.

The Resume Action Verbs list will give you ideas of strong actions verbs to start off your accomplishment statements. Action verbs help keep your statements concise but impactful.

Adding Impact & Quantifying is extremely important in giving your resume a distinctive edge. This resource helps guide you as you develop each of your accomplishment statements.

The Quinncia Resume Review Platform should be utilized by all O’Neill students and students who are enrolled in O’Neill School courses. You’ll receive tailored advice and suggestions to strengthen your resume.

The Top Soft Skills for 2023 are core skills sought after in every profession. Soft skills consist of a combination of people, social, and communication skills, character traits, attitudes, and mindsets, as well as social and emotional characteristics, among others, which are sought for in all professions. Some examples include: teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

Transferable Skills are common soft skills found in nearly every job posting. Employers have expressed hard skills can be taught, but they want candidates to learn soft skills before applying; we have found them to be consistent across the board as far as skills they seek. These skills deserve space on your resume.

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) Standard is a comprehensive document of your background and academic credentials. The CV is typically used when applying for positions in academia, the sciences, graduate or professional school and various areas of research.  The CV is different from the resume in that readers will take extensive time to read the document.

A tailored resume is a general resume that has been edited (tailored) to a specific industry or job/internship posting. Whenever you apply for a position, the resume you submit should be tailored to that role and organization by using keywords and phrases you noticed in the position posting.

How to Tailor Your Resume gives you a brief overview of how to alter your resume to fit the position you’re applying for. Whenever you apply for a new position, you will want to tailor your resume.

The Tailored Resume Worksheet will help you brainstorm and get started on tailoring your resume towards a specific role. Having a great general resume is important, but in today’s world it’s not enough to land the job you want. You have to research the company, the role, and the job description combing for key words and tie what they are looking for into the experiences you’ve had.

Accomplishment Statement Examples for Student Employment & Campus Involvement will help you highlight your university involvement on your resume.

Are you applying for a federal internship or job? You’ll need a Federal resume, which is a bit different from your general resume. For formatting, we recommend using the Resume Builder in your profile.

Federal Resume Template with Notes is a useful tool to use when you need to create a federal resume. Download the document and refer to the notes that are included to understand why and how a federal resume is different from a traditional resume.

Federal Resume Template is a downloadable document to help get you started. We also recommend using the resume builder within USAJobs.

Federal Resume Tips from the United States Office of Personnel Management will help you write an effective federal resume. is where you’ll go to create your profile and utilize the recommended Resume Builder. The FAQs Page includes great information regarding what to include in your federal resume and what to leave out. The Events Page includes a plethora of resume writing virtual sessions that are free, so be sure to sign up for those if you feel stuck.

Need more? Check out other relevant resources below. And be sure to stop by the Career Hub any time Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm for guidance on resume writing!

The O’Neill Professional References Sheet Template will help you prepare your list of professional references. Employers will oftentimes request a list of professional references from you at some point in the application/interview process.

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