Networking Resources

How to Get Useful Career Advice From Alumni or Other Students

Message fellow students and alumni for honest answers to your job-related questions.

Did you know that you can chat with …

5 Steps to Success for your First 5 Days on Handshake

A guide for your first days on Handshake that will help you get hired.

12 Ways to Make the Most out of a Virtual Career Fair

What can you expect at a virtual career fair? In this article, you will find recommendations on before, at, and …

Attending a Virtual Career Fair? Here Are 10 Tips You Need to Know

Attending a virtual career fair on Handshake will give you an edge in landing that next job or internship. Employers …

Elevator Pitch

Your personal pitch, also known as an elevator pitch, can be used in networking with professors, employers, and professional contacts …

Professional Organizations

The following Professional Associations & Organizations List is a key resource for those interested in pursuing professional development or connecting with …

Informational Interview Guide

Best Practices for Conducting Informational Interviews



Business Card Instructions