Can you tell our students a little bit about yourself? 

Hello, my name is Logan Hager, and I am from Greenfield, Indiana. I am a third-year student majoring in Law & Public Policy and will be graduating in May 2024. I have a deep-rooted appreciation and passion for the United States Constitution and American Politics. College is not in my family’s background, so I strive to absorb every little thing I can to enhance my future in the workforce. College has taught me valuable life lessons both inside and outside the classroom. In my future career, I aspire to help people better understand the benefits of politics in America. 

What skills are most important in your role?   

 As a Field Intern for the campaign team Chambers for Indiana, you can build on skills that are always used differently. The first skill needed is cooperation and communication. Every day, I must inform my supervisors of what I have completed and what is coming up in the week. I must cooperate with their schedules but also manage mine. Opportunities are always out there, and I must take advantage of them every time I can. The most crucial skill needed is flexibility. Brad Chambers’ office is in Indianapolis, but I work outside of the office every day. On a day’s notice, they may need me 70 miles away from where I am located and must be there at that given time in the state. When I am at an event and it is not going well, I must communicate with the team, and they will send me to a new location. Finally, there is bipartisanship in this internship. When I am out in the field advocating for Brad Chambers, it is important to always remember to share his beliefs, not my own. I must set aside my beliefs and values and convey to the state of Indiana what Chambers for Indiana is about. 

What is your advice for completing a successful internship? 

The most significant piece of advice I could give is to be flexible with internships and to be passionate. Employers understand that you are a student, and that comes first. I am very passionate about politics, making this experience a lot more enjoyable. Remember, you do not want to dislike what you do for an internship. Regarding flexibility, if you are unable to attend an event, let them know, and they will understand. It is also important to attend every event that you can. If something is not school or family-related, make it known that you will be there when they need you. A campaign internship is different, as you are not in an office every day. The location for my internship changes daily or even on the same day. If you are as flexible with them as you want them to be with you, it will be the most beneficial experience you could have. Always remember that when working on a campaign, people will remember you forever, and you will always represent the campaign team. 

 Our school’s motto is “Lead for the Greater Good,” what does this mean to you?   

“Leading for the Greater Good”, to me, means one key thing: it enables both you and me to lead in life and in careers. Graduating from Indiana University’s O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, you have been equipped with the tools to continue doing great work in your future. “Lead for the Greater Good” is there to encourage students to be themselves, but more importantly, to be the best person and employee they can be. No successful society is present without the support of leadership. Find your voice and use it to help and promote everyone around you. 

Work Experience
  • Field Intern
  • Chambers for Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
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