Q: Where are you from, and where are you located now?

A: I am from a small town, Rushville, Indiana. I lived in the greater Indianapolis area for several years following graduation, but recently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.


Q: Can you tell our students a little bit about yourself?

A: I graduated from O’Neill in 2019 with a focus in nonprofit management and international development. I had always envisioned myself working in a large nonprofit or NGO; however, that changed with my capstone. I partnered with the Kelley School of Business and was chosen for GLOBASE in Thailand. There, we collaborated to advise an entrepreneur how to tackle her unique business challenges. We developed an excel-based financial model that tracked revenue, expenses, and customer feedback, turning it into useful metrics for business development. I established a strong connection with the client through honest conversations to guide her through the changes to ensure a long-lasting impact. This opportunity changed my career path. I pivoted to consulting and now work at EY in People Advisory Services, specifically change management, so that I continue to help clients navigate changes with confidence, acknowledging that they are affected most by organizational changes. I’m also involved in the Rotary Club, which is a global network of professionals who volunteer for community service and humanitarian causes.


Q: What led you to pursue an MPA at O’Neill after completing your BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences?

A: Initially, I aspired to be audiologist specializing in cochlear implants, but realized I wanted to help people in a different way. While audiology focused on individual well-being, I wanted to contribute to a broader community welfare. This shift aligns with my passion for making a positive impact on a larger scale and creating lasting change. While MBAs are commonly recognized, MPAs often fly under the radar. I like to distinguish them as “B” for a business focus and “P” for a people focus, putting the emphasis where my passion aligns. Choosing an MPA at O’Neill (SPEA at the time) proved to be a strategic move. It placed me in a top-ranking program where I gained the essential skills and opportunities needed to thrive in the business world, while keeping people as the primary focus.


Q: What are the most important skills in your role?

A: In my role, I’ve found that the most crucial skills revolve around soft skills, particularly the ability to build trusting relationships through genuine connection. While technical skills are valuable, the true strength lies in the capacity to connect with individuals on a personal level. Cultivating trust through authentic interactions not only fosters a positive work environment, but also enhances collaboration and communication. These soft skills are the foundation for effective teamwork, empathy, and understanding.


Q: What is a piece of advice you would give current students?

A: My advice would be to be kind and lead with an open mind. Treat others with the kindness you appreciate, always assuming positive intent and be open-minded to different perspectives. Small gestures of kindness and a willingness to understand others can go a long way in fostering positive relationships and personal growth.


Q: Our school’s motto is “Lead for the Greater Good”, what does this mean to you?

A: To me, leading with a focus on the greater good means that you consider the broader impact of your decisions on people and the community. This type of thoughtful and purposeful leadership is guided by the commitment to make decisions and take actions that not only benefit myself but extend to the well-being of a broader community and inspires others to do the same.

Work Experience
  • People Advisory Services Consultant, specializing in change management
  • EY
Career Exploration, Career Planning, Policy, Service, Advocacy