Many of you may be preparing for your first professional work experience and as an added challenge may find yourselves having to do so virtually from a remote location. Alternatively, you may be searching for virtual internship opportunities for the summer or coming school year. Use the resources on this page for guidance, or consider scheduling an appointment with one of our skilled team of professional and peer staff.

Success in a Virtual Internship – Kelsey Cooper’s Tips and Tricks


Kelsey Cooper is an O’Neill MPA student who is currently completing a remote internship with the United States Geological Survey’s Northeast Climate Adaptation Center. Her small team is currently analyzing large citizen science datasets collected at the National Parks and mapping …

By Ama Amzat
Ama Amzat Peer Educator Ama Amzat
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Working From Home With Kids: 7 Tips and Tricks

Working From Home With Kids: 7 Tips and Tricks thumbnail image

So, you’ve found yourself working from home with kids during the coronavirus lockdown. Odds are, it’s an entirely new adventure for you and your family, and as the days have gone by, you may have found it challenging to maintain …

By Simona Galant - Springboard
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 O’Neill School COVID-19 Graduate Internship Action Plan

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O’Neill School COVID-19 Internship Action Plan

Graduate Students

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shifting state of the economy, students planning to complete their internship for academic credit between May 2020 and December 2021 may choose from the …

By O'Neill Career Hub
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