US Department of the Treasury Office of International Affairs: Junior Fellowship Program


On July 11, 2023 I attended a webinar for the US Department of Treasury Office of International Affairs Junior Fellowship Programs. This webinar was hosted by Carmen Mezzera, APSIA Executive Director, and representatives from the Department of the Treasury including current fellows.

The Junior Fellowship program is a highly selective, fixed two-year program for new college graduates to work shaping international economic policy for the United States in Treasury’s Office of International Affairs. Following the completion of the program, fellows often pursue a range of opportunities, including employment at the US Treasury and elsewhere in the U.S. government, work in the private sector, and graduate study (e.g., law, public policy, international relations, and finance and business).

In addition to information you can find on the website, here are some other tidbits I learned in the webinar.

What makes a good fellow?

  • Strong understanding of macroeconomic principles.
    • An economics major is not a requirement, but the study of economics is helpful.The different offices the fellows are assigned to have varying degrees of need.
    • This is the world you will live in, so having a solid understanding is helpful.
  • Keen interest in International Affairs
    • Regional knowledge is not necessary
    • They expect a more general understanding
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Capacity to work independently and in teams
  • Interest in public policy and/or commitment to public service

Application Process:

  • They begin receiving applications in August and September. Applications must be emailed by October 30 to
  • Preference is given to recent graduates. Master’s students may apply, but they will not receive preference.
  • They do not currently use Applicant Tracking Systems. A human reviews the applications.
  • Cover Letter
    • Include references to demonstrate public service and relevant course work.
  • Resumé
    • They do not use USA Jobs or the federal resumé.
    • They encourage a longer resume’ that truly showcases your experience.
    • Work experience must total 52 weeks of full-time experience. This total is over the course of all of your experiences.
      • Acceptable experiences include internships (strongly encouraged), volunteer work, and simulated experiences such as Forage.
      • Experiences must be relevant to fellowship.
      • Human Resources needs to know the date/duration of the experience and the number of hours.
  • Transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • In addition, in the email, include
    • Desired start date
    • Confirm US citizenship
    • Veteran Preference, if applicable
  • The Review process starts October 30.
  • The applications are vetted by Human Resources and then sent to the Recruiting Committee.
  • Once they have received your application, you will receive and email with two (2) essay questions/prompts. You will have approximately 10 days to complete these essays.
  • Finalists are matched with the offices that have availability for an interview.
  • After you receive an offer, you will need security clearance.


In 2023, 175 students applied and 12 were selected.


This position qualifies for a GS-09 = $64, 900.

Post-Fellow Opportunities:

  • Stay in the Treasury, maybe become an advisor.
  • Work in the public sector for an agency like the Federal Reserve.
  • Work in the private sector in finance maybe for a bank.
  • Pursue a post-graduate degree.

You can find more information on their website, the Treasury’s Office of International Affairs, and find them on LinkedIn.

By Becky Boyle
Becky Boyle Assistant Director of Career Services