Are you Involved? How to Document your Involvement and Update your Resume

Getting involved on campus is a great way to make your college experience amazing. Indiana University has over 700 student clubs and organizations to choose from, all offering something different, from Beekeeping Club to Debate Team. A list of these organizations can be found here:

So now that you’re involved, how do you add the involvement to your resume?

  • First, take notes about what you are doing in your involvement. Are you managing or leading a group or committee of people? Are you taking meeting notes or attendance? Be specific, and keep track of what you do and how often you do it as you will need this information for your resume.
  • The next step is to write effective bullet points about what you did to add to your resume. The formula for writing these bullet points is: Skill Word + Task + Outcome = Effective Bullet Point

For example, if I was in the Beekeeping Club, I could write a Bullet Point like this:

  • Skill Word: Collected, Retrieved
  • Task: Took honey from 4 hives and measured how much was collected
  • Outcome: To ensure the health of the hives and bees

Putting it all together, your bullet point could look something like this: Retrieved honey from 4 different hives and measured the amount of honey received to ensure that hives and bees were healthy.

By Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Peer Educator