SHRM’s Guide to Behavioral Based Interviews

The purpose of this guide is to provide HR professionals and hiring managers with additional practical information about how to conduct effective behavioral interviews along with specific competency-based, behavioral interview questions. For students, it is important to understand the “Why” behind these types of interviews, so you can do your best and give the employer what they are looking for. This guide is divided into three sections:

The first section “Why and How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview” starts with a reminder of why interviewing is important, why behavioral interviewing in particular can be a valuable tool for organizations, and how to prepare for and conduct behavioral interviews.

The second section “Sample Behavioral Interview Questions” provides samples of competency-based, structured behavioral interview questions with associated behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) that HR professionals and hiring managers can use to assess job candidates at the early career level.

The final section “What to do After Conducting a Behavioral Interview” provides information about what to do after a behavioral interview, including evaluating candidates, conducting a
debriefing meeting, and making a hiring decision.

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