Pitch A Virtual Internship

Virtual jobs and internships are becoming more and more common, but you may encounter some pushback from traditional employers or those who have never hosted a remote intern in the past. There are several companies out there who are used to doing things a certain way, which can make technological advancements and shifts in operating procedures feel intimidating, uncomfortable, or unsurmountable for some.

The best way you can appeal to these employers is to make the process as painless as possible. Let them know upfront the value and benefits a virtual intern can bring and try to eliminate as many barriers as possible. Consider directing them to the O’Neill Career Hub’s website where a number of resources exist including a virtual internship best practices guide, answers to frequently asked questions, and an overview of O’Neill’s internship for credit requirements.

In addition to directing the employer to resources, you could also create a “menu” of services or project proposals to help solve any business obstacles they might have. Consider the options below as you develop your own menu of services, but add or eliminate project ideas based on your personal strengths and skills.

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