EES Choose Your Own Adventure! Section 4: Sustainability Industry

What is sustainability? 

Sustainability as an industry has many different definitions. Commonly, it has to do with the avoidance of depletion of natural resources in order for humans and ecosystems to safely co-exist on the planet for years to come. 

With climate change, careers in sustainability are not going away anytime soon. In the workforce, sustainability managers are getting jobs in traditional environmental companies like Green Corps as well as nontraditional companies, such as department stores or packaging companies in their sustainability department. It will take sustainability specialists’ work to move society toward a more sustainable future. 

How do you get into the industry, though? How do you start? Take a look at this article from LinkedIn: 6 Steps to a Career in Sustainability. In the meantime, get involved right here at Indiana University with Sustain IU! Sustain IU has focus areas in Food, Waste, Energy, and Internships. How will you make a difference? See your options here. Additionally, IU is a Gold STARS institution. STARS is an assessment program put out by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). AASHE has a job board where you can get involved with sustainability at the collegiate level.

Lastly, try not to limit your job search to “sustainability.” Many sustainability jobs do not have the word “sustainability” in their titles. Environmental Managers and  ESG Analysts, as well as Sustainability Consultants all work with environmental sustainability in their day-to-day roles. Take a look at the above job descriptions and see if this might be an industry for you! 

Over the next few months, EES will dive deeper into the realms of Environment, Energy, and Sustainability industry knowledge and what the job market looks like across the sectors. Check back weekly to see what new resources are available!