EES Choose Your Own Adventure! Section 2: Environmental Industry

Have you thought about the “what” and “how” questions of career exploration recently? What you want to do and then how you want to engage with that subject matter are important questions to grapple with. Working for Sierra Club (a grassroots organization working for environmental conservation) and working for the Environmental Law & Policy Center (a nonprofit working in the policy arena) are similar in that they both work for the environment, but how they engage with their environmental advocacy are different. How do you want to engage with the environment?

Do you want to work in environmental consulting? This type of job generally is in firms that ensure that the client maintains compliance with environmental regulations. It can involve testing soil samples in a lab or collecting other field samples and ensuring compliance. Knowledge of environmental laws and regulations is used. See this resource What is an Environmental Consultant? to learn more about what an environmental consultant might need as qualifications.  

Do you care about conservation? Check out this job board to see what is happening in the conservation landscape. What about environmental education? This growing field can be followed here. Both conservation and environmental education typically require a bachelor’s degree and have many entry-level jobs to gain experience. Don’t let the salary range get you down – some even offer onsite housing for the duration of your employment!

How about working for the EPA or another government agency looking at land use? These jobs generally work in compliance with governmental regulations and setting policy standards. People in government work with administrative goals and a little bit of paper pushing. Here are some examples of what you might find in the field of environmental policy and/or planning

Over the next few months, EES will dive deeper into the realms of Environment, Energy, and Sustainability industry knowledge and what the job market looks like across the sectors. Check back weekly to see what new resources are available!