EES Choose Your Own Adventure! Section 1: Introduction

Environment, Energy, and Sustainability. 

3 very different, yet closely related topics. You probably chose this community because you are interested in part or all of the above. Interests are great and are what drive us to register in certain classes and pursue different degrees.

But what happens next? What do you do after you get your degree? 

Never fear – we are here to answer just that. This is the first in a series of resources that will be released throughout the year to help you Choose Your Own Adventure in the EES nexus. O’Neill students lead for the greater good – we know you are concerned about climate change, environmental justice, the transition to green energy, nature conservation, and beyond. We are here to help guide you through the industries that might be of interest to you. You have the interest and we have the knowledge.

Well, there are 3 degree paths that students who like the environment can go for: 

It’s like a continuum from science-focused to management-focused degrees. The BSES program is heavy into the hard sciences (chemistry, physics, ecology, biology). The BAES degree program mixes science lab courses with management and policy decisions surrounding sustainability. Meanwhile, the Environmental Management major within the BSPA program focuses on environmental policy and decision-making. While you will need some science knowledge in all three programs (see the Class Examples/Requirements link to find out what specifically is needed for each degree), the level of science proficiency versus policy and management-focused classes varies along the spectrum.  

What do you want to do when you graduate? Do you like getting your hands dirty in a soil testing lab? How about measuring the impacts of climate change on the heat index of Indiana? Or is your ideal job a project management position that provides oversight and guidance on cleanup of hazardous sites? Let this resource serve as your guide as we dive deeper into the EES land of possibilities.

Over the next few months, EES will dive deeper into the realms of Environment, Energy, and Sustainability industry knowledge and what the job market looks like across the sectors. Check back weekly to see what new resources are available! At the culmination of this project, we will combine all previous single resources into one where you are free to “Choose Your Own Adventure” at the end of each page like the beloved children’s book title suggests.