Megan Bankowski is a second-year student studying Public Management and Leadership at O’Neill. In the Spring 2022 semester, she took a semester to join the Washington Leadership Program, where she takes classes with other O’Neill students, and completes a full-time internship in the DC area. Megan is interning in the Office of Debbie Dingell as a Congressional Intern. Her responsibilities include communicating with constituents, writing memos and data analysis for legislative affairs, and much more! See what she has to say about her time in Washington:

1. Why were you interested in the Washington Leadership Program?

I was interested in the Washington Leadership Program due to the variety of opportunities the city of Washington, DC can provide. I’ve always dreamed about living in the Capitol and hope to one move here. WLP is the perfect way to experience the city in an academic and professional setting. I found myself drawn to the location and variety of options for my future!

2. What is your interest in federal government and policy-making?

I am interested in a variety of aspects with regard to policy-making, specifically related to constituent work and how to help the everyday American. I have always wanted a career as a civil servant in order to make an impact on others; I believe working for the federal government would be the perfect way to do so. Not to mention that our modern governmental process is fascinating, learning about specific rules and lobbying practices has always been an interest of mine.

3. How do you think this internship will prepare you for your future career plans?

I have always hoped to work for the government and found working for Congresswoman Dingell to be the perfect segway into that dream. I believe it will strengthen not only my knowledge of the political process but also my knowledge of how federal offices operate on a daily basis. Internships are critical in discovering what type of work you want to pursue full-time and I hope to gain insight into a career in public policy.

4. How did you go about finding and applying for your internship?

It wasn’t easy! I applied to a variety of locations and researched different federal departments that correlated with my interests. Networking also played a large role in my personal search for an internship, so I certainly recommend reaching out to others. It took a lot of time, effort, and revision, but it is all worth it in the end!