Collin Casares

Internship Spotlights
  • Unity Gardens
  • "Collin is socially brilliant! He is able to create an environment where everyone wants to be a part of the action, whether it be Garden Campers, counselors, market customers, or garden harvesters! Everyone feels welcome and valued in Collin’s company!"

Keaton Lents

Internship Spotlights
  • Elite Recruiters
  • "I was definitely academically prepared for my internship. The required HR courses and my management concepts classes that I have taken prepared me really well for this. I am glad that this (the internship) is a required part of the O’Neill program. Overall great experience.”

Andrew Taborn

Internship Spotlights
  • Sazerac
  • “I would advise future students aiming to intern for Sazerac to be extroverted. It wasn’t necessarily my credentials that landed me this internship, rather, it was how personable the managers felt I was. IQ is important, but EQ can take you far.”

Kevin Garcia

Internship Spotlights
  • In Advance
  • "All of my finance classes at IU have helped prepare me for the analytical process of underwriting. Had it not been for understanding accounting and finance terms, I would have been very lost at the beginning, but because of my previous knowledge, I was able to learn extremely fast."

Kaleb Mount

Internship Spotlights
  • US Government Accountability office (GAO)
  • “My expereince has been outstanding. I feel that I have been given meaningful work assignments that have allowed me to grow as a person, student, and professional. My work has been engaging, and I feel that it has the potential to make a real impact on policy. Getting experience conducting applied research has been the most benefical aspect of my research. It has been very valuable for me to see how the sills I learn in the classroom can be applied in the real world."

Naomi Bridger

Internship Spotlights
  • Center for the Evaluation of Value and Risk in Health Tufts University Medical Center
  • "“I am the youngest person in my department, so being around older and more experienced colleagues helped me learn and grow. Being able to be exposed to research in a learning hospital in an amazing city has been a great experience."

Jessica Love

Internship Spotlights
  • Lockton
  • "I wasn't sure at all what to expect from this internship but when we started to review material deemed necessary for the work we'd be doing, I found myself already being familiar with a lot of the material. My healthcare reimbursement class and healthcare finance class definitely helped the most with terminology and basic concept comprehension."

Madison Mathias

Internship Spotlights
  • The Springs Long-Term Care Facility
  • "Over my time spent at The Springs, I gained a lot of information and insight on healthcare in a long-term healthcare facility. At first, I was very hesitant because my mind was dead set on becoming a healthcare consultant, but the more time I was able to spend at this facility, my mind has changed. Currently now I’m looking into becoming an executive director at a long-term healthcare facility. This internship was a great experience and helped me see what I really wanted to do."

McKinzie Smith

Internship Spotlights
  • Gameday Orthopedics
  • “My internship experience really allowed me to get a better, hands on experience with medical sales. I enjoyed seeing the operating room function, meeting new doctors and learning about specific implants.”

Joseph Ravotto

Internship Spotlights
  • Crowe Horwath
  • “It has been a tremendous opportunity for me this summer. I get to work on real client work everyday. I'm constantly learning from a group of people who are so knowledgeable in the industry. This was the exact opportunity I needed to jumpstart my career in healthcare. The most beneficial aspect of my internship was making countless career connections. I've met so many awesome people at Crowe, from Partner to staff, they truly are welcoming and want to see you succeed.”

Aakash Adwani

Internship Spotlights
  • Visionary Mindset
  • "Aakash is one of the best interns I have ever worked with and he should continue pursuing his goals. He is a team player and very respectful towards all of his seniors and colleagues."

Megan Bankowski

Internship Spotlights, Other
  • Washington, DC
  • Congressional Intern in the Office of Debbie Dingell U.S. House of Representatives