DACA Students

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a program created in 2012 that makes use of discretion to defer removal action against a certain individual for up to one or two years depending when your renewal was approved. Currently the renewal period is one year for those renewing after July 28, 2020.  It also provided work authorization or an employment authorization document for the same time period. The program is under review by the Department of Homeland Security and may end or be phased out in the future.

IU’s commitment

Indiana University has long recognized the absolute necessity of a diverse and inclusive community to an excellent education. All IU students, regardless of their background or country of origin, are welcome in our community. Each and every one brings perspectives and experiences that, taken together, enrich the educational experience and prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century. Our student body expresses who we are as a community and reflects our foundational commitment to inclusion and diversity.

As a public institution bound by federal and state laws, Indiana University is able to, and will, take several steps to support all IU students, regardless of personal characteristics or background:

  • We respect the privacy of all students equally, in their studies, work, and personal lives, and therefore will only inquire into, record, use, or communicate a person’s immigration status when required by law or when necessary to protect a person’s safety; in particular, we protect the privacy of all student records as required by the Federal Educational Records Protection Act (FERPA).
  • We provide counseling and support to students on immigration-related concerns.
  • We will counsel students about and connect students to available resources for educational and living expenses for which they are legally eligible.
  • We vigorously investigate and refer for prosecution anyone who threatens, intimidates, or harasses any member of our community, and make special efforts to protect those who are targeted or at risk for physical harm, threats or intimidation.
  • We will continue and intensify IU’s long-standing advocacy for expanded access to higher education for all Indiana University students living in the United States, including specifically advocating for the continuation of DACA and for the equal treatment of such students for all educational programs.
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