Interview Prep Sessions for Interested AMP Students

Are you interested in applying to the O’Neill Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP)? If so, it is important for you to research the program, prepare strong application materials and sharpen your interview skills.

The O’Neill Career Hub and MPO staff is excited to launch the Spring 2024 AMP Interview Prep Sessions to prepare candidates to succeed in the AMP interview!

Attendance at these sessions won’t impact or guarantee interview selection or admission to the AMP program. However, it will improve your success in the interview process. We strongly recommend you attend one of these prep sessions to develop strong interview skills for success in any kind of professional interview.

Key Takeaways of the AMP Interview Prep Session:
Identify important qualities in AMP candidates
Learn strategies to succeed in a behavior-based interview
Understand common interview questions and strategies to answer them
Develop relevant examples from your experience
Practice describing your experience in the STAR format

There are 2 in-person sessions to choose from and session content is the same for both sessions. Interested students just need to attend one session.

Prep Session Dates
Monday, March 18, 3-4pm Career Studio, Suite 200A
Tuesday, March 19, 12-1pm Career Studio, Suite 200A

Register through Handshake. Questions? Email June at

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