Identity-Based Resources

Higher Education Can Be Challenging for Veterans

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has an incredibly rich website with references to resources and research to assist all Veterans, military families and advocates with a wide array of questions. In addition to some of the most popular topic …

By Becky Boyle
Becky Boyle Assistant Director of Career Services
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What’s Holding Women Back at Work?


Is it “the glass ceiling,” or something else that holds women back from getting leadership roles in business? Perhaps it’s not the ceiling that’s the issue after all, but a broken rung on the ladder to success. A …

By Juliette Kniola
Juliette Kniola Assistant Director of Career Services
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Careers & Degrees in Healthcare: A Guide for Students with Disabilities

Please find the article HERE

By Elizabeth Gawron
Elizabeth Gawron Assistant Director of Career Services
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Native America’s Premier Employment Resources


Southern Indiana Works is a business led collaborative to develop and connect talent to regional businesses serving Clark, Floyd, Harrison, …

Interstride is a one-stop shop that empowers international students. Using data-driven technology, we’ve created a portal that provides international students …

The Office of International Services (OIS) provides international students and scholars with assistance in all areas related to international study—including …

Learn about the authorization documents you need to find employment in the US, and how to find a DREAMer-friendly workplace.

College means hard work and dedication, whether you major in a healthcare-related field or not. And no matter your race, …

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