Graduate Students

With a graduate degree from the O’Neill School, you will be prepared to make a meaningful impact in the world and lead for the greater good.  Whatever your interest – public affairs, the environment, the arts or healthcare – the O’Neill School offers nationally recognized programs and career development training to develop your passion and career competencies, making you highly competitive after graduation. 

The O’Neill Career Hub offers a unique professional development training program for graduate students called Level Up which embeds professional development into the academic experience, giving graduate students a significant advantage in the job market. Take a moment to explore these Career Hub resources for graduate students! 

15 Environmentally Friendly Companies for Gen Z on the Job Hunt

It’s clear that Generation Z is passionate about the environment and ensuring a sustainable planet. In fact, 67% of Gen Z respondents in a Pew Research Center survey said the climate should be a top priority.

But what about in the …

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Finding Jobs & Internships as a Economically Disadvantaged Student

Students who are economically disadvantaged may struggle for various reasons when searching for jobs and internships. This can lead to feeling defeated and unsure of your future, career-wise and financially. If you are a economically disadvantaged student, then this resource …

By Judah Burt
Judah Burt Graduate Peer Educator
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How to Turn Your Internship into a Job Offer

You secured your job or internship for summer, now what can you do to build your network and work on towards a potential job offer? Click here for a brief video outlining strategies to help make yourself invaluable to the …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Assistant Director of Career Services
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Graduate Student Resources

Interviews can be very unpredictable. As a candidate, your goal is to prepare and manage as many factors as you …

In this tracking form, you will find tabs to track places where you want to work, networking contacts, job/internship application …

Students in the Policy, Service, and Advocacy Career Community look at many different job areas that range from public to …

Students in the Policy, Service, and Advocacy Career Community graduate and move into great positions or graduate programs following graduation.  …

Tailored Graduate Resume Standards

Using this standard format, the Career Hub has created tailored resume standards for these O’Neill graduate …

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