Alumni Spotlight: Erin McCauley (Chestnut & Vine Wedding Logistics Coordinators/EMC Squared Consulting)

Name: Erin McCauley 
Organization: Chestnut & Vine Wedding Logistics Coordinators/EMC Squared Consulting 
Position: Founder & CEO 
Location: Raleigh-Durham, NC 
Alma Mater: Indiana University BA’96 Telecommunications; Indiana University MA’99 Arts Administration 

Can you tell our students a little bit about yourself …

By Samantha Clements
Samantha Clements Peer Educator
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Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Recinos, President & CEO Tessitura Network

Recently O’Neill School alum Mallory Elver (MAAA’20, BSAM’15) interviewed MAAA alum Andrew Recinos who is the President of the Tessitura Network and oversees Tessitura’s North American Operations. He has held positions at Carnegie Hall as Director of Friends of Carnegie …

By Eric Ashby
Eric Ashby
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