Career Development (V252)

About the Class

You have invested time, money and energy into your academic career, and now you’re ready to go out into the world and put your skills to use.  Before that, however, you’ll need to know how to explore your options, make the right connections, and be prepared to market yourself with a resume and polished interviewing skills.

This course – Career Planning and Development – will increase your odds of getting a job.  We will help you focus on not just “any” job, but finding work that brings you happiness and meaning.  A role that puts you in a position to make the positive impact you want – for the greater good. We do this by focusing on the things we know are successful in career exploration, job seeking, getting promoted, and maximizing potential.

The class is more than resumes and interviews – though you can expect to leave with a flawless resume and confidence in your interview skills.  We will share strategies that have helped thousands of students get and keep jobs they love.  We will also focus on those things that are important to employers in today’s workplace; emotional intelligence, ethics, collaboration, leadership, and managing across generations.

Learn to make the most of your new skills and interests.  Ensure that you’ll make the impact on the world that you’ve planned.  Guarantee yourself you’ll find work you love.

Do it all with a staff and instructors who are here to help make it happen.

Your career is too important to go it alone.  We’re here to help.

  • Course Outcomes

    • This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to continue your career exploration and secure an internship and/or full-time professional position. In this class, we will:

    • • Identify your strengths and understand the importance of aligning these with your career interests.

    • • Customize a resume and cover letter to a specific position.

    • • Effectively articulate and manage your personal “brand”.

    • • Refine and advance your interview skills through practice interviews.

    • • Develop and engage a network of people.

    • • Increase your level of comfort with networking, including informational interviewing.

    • • Use O’Neill School resources, services, tools and methods to create and maintain a professional presence online.

    • Throughout the course, you will be expected to demonstrate the professional behaviors you will need to succeed in today’s workplace, including:

    • • Planning/Time Management Skills

    • • Writing Skills and Assignment Quality

    • • Active Participation

    • • Professionalism

  • Key Components and Projects

    • Students will participate in the following activities:

    • • Weekly classroom participation with content delivered by a career professional

    • • Investigate values, interests, personality, strengths, and skills (VIPSS) through a combination of online assessments and in-class activities

    • • Participation in O’Neill-sponsored networking and employer events (Career Fair, Career Catalyst, etc.)

    • • Development of a competitive resume and cover letter, with support and feedback from career professionals

    • • In-class practice with interviewing skills, culminating in a practice interview with a career professional that includes critical feedback

Message to Students


My name is David Gregoire, and I serve as the Lead Instructor for V252: Career Development and Planning.  Our goal is to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools you will need to successfully explore careers and find the job that’s right for you – one that fits with your values, strengths, and interests. instructor Our team is committed to bringing you content that is relevant to today’s world of work, and the course will provide the information and tools you need to be successful in every step of the process, from career exploration to negotiating and accepting your first professional job offer. The course is led by instructors who are career service professionals, and we have the full support and resources of the Career Hub – the O’Neill School’s Office for Career Education and Professional Advancement. V252 students can expect engaging in-class content, group and individual activities both in and outside of class, and development of products (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.) that will benefit them in the job search process. The course is appropriate for any student preparing to participate in their required internship.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you during the beginning of your career journey!



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