How to use Teal (a useful job tracker)

Teal is a job tracker that students can use to organize and keep track of jobs and internships that they have applied for. This tool helps students have a more productive job search by allowing them to bookmark jobs with …

By Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Peer Educator
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Breaking into Public Sector Consulting

I was fortunate to meet Ryan Van Slyke over the summer, and learn about his experiences post graduation. Ryan works for Booz Allen Hamilton, which is one of the leaders in consulting. I would HIGHLY recommend attending this event if …

By Alex Martens
Alex Martens Assistant Director
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5 Reasons Why Underclassmen Should Attend Career Fairs

Checking my school email this time of year may be a slew of announcements from professors, newsletters for your major, and advertisements for school events. I am always tempted to delete the latter two – they might not have information …

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To Ace Your Next Interview for a Management Position, Be Ready to Answer These 10 Questions

Interviewing for a management position? Even if you’ve never been a manager before, you’ll want to clearly demonstrate to the interviewers your managerial skills and leadership philosophy.

This article will reveal 10 questions you should reflect on and be prepared …

By Blair Glaser - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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What is a CV?

As you design and launch your job search, you may see job postings refer to a CV or Curriculum Vitae.  The CV is different from the resume and it is important for candidates to understand how to prepare a CV …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Assistant Director of Career Services
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Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program

If you are interested in a career in public service, you may want to consider applying to the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program.  The PMF program is a highly competitive 2-year paid internship for advanced degree holders.   The application process …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Assistant Director of Career Services
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Career Transition: Next Move, Best Move by Kimberly B. Cummings

The book, Next Move, Best Move: Transitioning Into A Career You’ll Love, by Kimberly B. Cummings, is a specific and effective framework designed to help guide professionals towards unlocking the full potential of their career.

Career transitions can be challenging …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Patience and Persistence

By Susan Sandberg for the PSA Career Community

While we adjust to a fluid, ever-changing news environment, and our new virtual worlds, there are matters still within our control.  We acknowledge the fears and uncertainty that come from feeling cut …

By Susan Sandberg
Susan Sandberg Career Consultant
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Event Recap: Net(WORK)ed Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Students in the Environment, Energy, and Sustainability Career Community had the opportunity to hear from a panel of four alumni with a diverse array of career experience in order to gain advice as …

By Joshua Bender
Joshua Bender
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Event Recap: What is Consulting? Presented by Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Consultant and IU Alum Ryan Van Slyke (B.S. 2018) recently returned to Bloomington to team up with incoming Senior Consultant and current O’Neill MPA student Mitchell Watkins (B.S.P.A. 19, M.P.A. 20) for an informative talk titled, …

By Kaleb Mount
Kaleb Mount
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