7 Mistakes That are Slowing Down Your Job Search

Have you submitted 10 or more resumes and applications and gotten nothing back from the employers? Waiting and wondering is no fun for anyone. Take a peek at these common mistakes, posted on The Muse, to understand what you may …

By Juliette Kniola
Juliette Kniola Assistant Director of Career Services
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Searching for a Legal Internship

Hello! My name is Aleksandra Ramōn, and I am one of your Peer Educators at the Career Hub. I am studying Law and Public Policy, and like many of you, I am pursuing a career in the legal field. It’s …

By Aleksandra Ramōn
Aleksandra Ramōn Peer Educator
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How to Describe Greek Life Experience on Your Resume

Fraternities and sororities  at Indiana University have over 8000 members combined, each member having their unique story of how fraternity and sorority life has showcased their talents and interests. For many, time spent in Greek life is hard to describe …

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Are you Involved? How to Document your Involvement and Update your Resume

Getting involved on campus is a great way to make your college experience amazing. Indiana University has over 700 student clubs and organizations to choose from, all offering something different, from Beekeeping Club to Debate Team. A list of these …

By Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson Peer Educator
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What is a CV?

As you design and launch your job search, you may see job postings refer to a CV or Curriculum Vitae.  The CV is different from the resume and it is important for candidates to understand how to prepare a CV …

By June Coleman
June Coleman Assistant Director of Career Services
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