Top 15 Informational Interview Questions to Ask (and Why)

Informational interviews put you in the driver’s seat. They are phenomenal opportunities to find out more about a job, career path, industry, or company you’re interested in. But any interview is often only as good as the questions the interviewer …

By Rachel Pelta - Forage
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Portia Bailey-Bernard IU O’Neill Alumni Spotlight

Name: Portia Bailey-Bernard

Organization: Indy Chamber

Position: Senior Vice President, Indianapolis Economic Development

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Alma Mater: BSPA ’13, JD ‘17

Interview Questions:

1. Can you tell our students a little bit about yourself and the work that you …

By Brianna Wright
Brianna Wright Peer Educator
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Breaking into Public Sector Consulting

I was fortunate to meet Ryan Van Slyke over the summer, and learn about his experiences post graduation. Ryan works for Booz Allen Hamilton, which is one of the leaders in consulting. I would HIGHLY recommend attending this event if …

By Alex Martens
Alex Martens Assistant Director
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5 Reasons Why Underclassmen Should Attend Career Fairs

Checking my school email this time of year may be a slew of announcements from professors, newsletters for your major, and advertisements for school events. I am always tempted to delete the latter two – they might not have information …

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The Power of Support: Leveraging Connections to Chart Your Path

As you navigate your first year of law school and begin your journey in the legal industry, it is important to build a network that you can lean on for support, guidance, and mentorship. There will be twists and turns …

By Goodwin - Firsthand
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Can Congress Make Democratic Governance Work? By Lee H. Hamilton

This is a time of great testing for Congress. As it considers responses to the nation’s health and economic crises, it faces close scrutiny by ordinary Americans, financial markets, and businesses large and small across the country. The pressure to …

By Ama Amzat
Ama Amzat
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Event Recap: Net(WORK)ed Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

Students in the Environment, Energy, and Sustainability Career Community had the opportunity to hear from a panel of four alumni with a diverse array of career experience in order to gain advice as …

By Joshua Bender
Joshua Bender
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Finding and Maintaining Meaningful Mentorships

Mentor. We’ve heard this word used a million times, but what even is a mentor? What’s the purpose of a mentor? How do I get one? How do I become one? As a current mentor and mentee myself, I’ve been …

By Sydney Evans
Sydney Evans
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LinkedIn Part II: Leveraging Your Network

LinkedIn is an excellent social platform used to contact other professionals, grow your network, and stay connected with those you meet throughout your career journey. It’s also a great way to research companies you might be interested in and when …

By O'Neill Career Hub
O'Neill Career Hub
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LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

LinkedIn is considered your resume+. When used effectively, it communicates who you are and what you’re skilled at. It is a professional networking platform that can be leveraged in unlimited ways. Most importantly, it allows you to establish a personal …

By O'Neill Career Hub
O'Neill Career Hub
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