Meet our Career Kickstart Sponsor Crowe!

Stop by the O’Neill School Career Kickstart to learn more about internships and careers consulting with governments, healthcare organizations, and businesses at Crowe! Check out a sneak peek below:
Crowe offers great opportunities for you to enhance your knowledge and …

By Miranda Redman
Miranda Redman Associate Director of Career Services
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5 Reasons Why Underclassmen Should Attend Career Fairs

Checking my school email this time of year may be a slew of announcements from professors, newsletters for your major, and advertisements for school events. I am always tempted to delete the latter two – they might not have information …

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Should I Attend the Career Fairs This Year?

Should I Attend the Career Fairs this Year?

You may be asking yourself the question “Should I attend the career fairs this year”? No matter your year in school, your major, or your employment status, the answer is a resounding …

By O'Neill Career Hub
O'Neill Career Hub
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