Explaining Gaps in Employment for Parenting Roles

by Jane Kellogg Murray, Indeed, April 7, 2023

Recently I met with a student who wasn’t sure how to present a 2-year gap in their employment history. They took time out to be with their young child, a decision that didn’t come easily, but they knew it was the right thing to do for their family. Now the adult student is in a new degree program and ready to re-enter the workforce, but they don’t know how to explain their gap in employment. If you went through something similar, read on to learn more about finding your comfort zone with your story. Blending your personal experience with your professional self isn’t that far of a stretch after all. Click here to read more.

(image: freerange.com)

By Juliette Kniola
Juliette Kniola Assistant Director of Career Services