Scholarships and Resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Students

Scholarships & Resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Students

This resource comes from the EduMed website and, while some of the dates and links may by out-of-date, the information is still valuable. For example, just because a due date on a scholarship shows that it is past due, the scholarship is given annually so the basic information is still relevant. Also, some of the direct links might be broken, but if you search for the organization name, you can find information on the scholarship that way. College means hard work and dedication, whether you major in a healthcare-related field or not. And no matter your race, gender, or nationality, just about every student could use resources and scholarships to help move their academic journey forward.

The resource begins with a list of general scholarships from 10 organizations.

The next list of scholarships are particular to the medical and health field. For the O’Neill student that might mean working for a non profit or in the public healthcare management field.

The next section points out the 5 Keys to Landing Your Scholarship. Points #1, Follow Directions, and #3 Start as Soon as Possible, are probably the most important.

The final section, College Resources for Native American and Alaskan Native Student, is a great list of resources that are available to help you with your scholarship search including resources on Academic and Career, Social and Networking and Advocacy and Diversity.

I hope you will take some time to review the information. You can always contact the Career Hub if you need more information or assistance.

By Becky Boyle
Becky Boyle Assistant Director of Career Services