O’Neill Undergraduate Alumni Spotlight – Isabel Mishkin

Isabel Mishkin – BS, Healthcare Management & Policy ’20 – Management Consultant at Accenture – Chicago, IL

What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow your career path?

  • Isabel’s advice is to be open to any opportunity and say yes, even if it seems scary or completely different from what the student imagined for themselves. While Isabel was in O’Neill, she never dreamed of working for Accenture or the private sector in general. She encourages students to not shut themselves off from something when it does not match what they originally planned for themselves. Jobs are not lifelong commitments, they are stepping stones to something bigger and better.

What drives you to be successful in your job every day?

  • The number one thing that motivates Isabel is her call to service. Furthermore, knowing that she is helping her client and fellow citizens is doing tangible good for the people motivates her to keep going through education and state government consulting.

How was a failure or disappointment instrumental in your development?

  • Overcoming adversity/challenge and confronting that head-on is the foundation of what builds character. When Isabel was at IU, she was the student body president and tried to pass an important policy. People kept telling her it was not going to work, and to do better. Hearing harsh criticisms to her face was very difficult, but she remained strong. She was resilient and kept fighting for the policy and learned the importance of grit and perseverance in a professional environment.

Our school’s motto is “Lead for the Greater Good,” what does this mean to you?

  • Isabel has always loved O’Neill’s motto! To her, it means living in service to and for others. She embraced this through leadership and involvement on campus and took it into the challenges of the professional world in the private sector. At IU, leading for the greater good meant advocating for the student body and making campus a better place. Leading for the greater good in a professional sense means supporting everyone in their Accenture careers and helping those like her as well as innovating for Accenture to help it grow.

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By Sophia Hottois
Sophia Hottois Peer Educator