Freshmen and Sophomores Interested in Pre-Law

Are you interested in going to law school? Me too! The thought of 7 years of college is terrifying, especially when you are initially adjusting to being an undergraduate. If you are interested in law school or are on the fence, there are many organizations within IU along the way! First and foremost, if you are looking for a mentor, connect with the Prelaw advisors who work out of Wells Library. How can you do this, you may ask? On select your Student Advisement Scheduler and then search “prelaw.” Your prelaw mentor will help you with what steps you should be taking. But not only advisors can help, there are so many organizations on campus that can help you as well! These organizations include the following:

IU Law Day is September 27 at the IMU!!

Here on campus, and especially in the Career Hub, we are super excited about helping you with your future career. Thinking about graduate school while still being an undergrad is SUPER stressful! But with my blog and all of our resources, this transition is easier than you may think.

Until next time,

Sophia Hottois

By Sophia Hottois
Sophia Hottois Peer Educator