The Importance of a Handwritten Thank-You

While email thank-you notes are perfectly appropriate in many scenarios, there are times when a handwritten thank-you note can help you stand out. There isn’t an exact science for deciding when to write a thank-you note, so consider your individual relationship with the other person and the impact they have had on your life. People such as close mentors, internship supervisors, or professors who have had a significant impact on your experience are all examples of people who might be positively impacted by a handwritten thank-you note.

A handwritten note signals that you took the time and cared enough to pick out and purchase a card, write out a personalized sentiment, buy postage, and mail it. This is a practice that is often forgotten or replaced by a quick email. Taking the time to write a thank-you note will help you stand out among your peers. Furthermore, this is a great way to build trust and commitment within your professional network. People will remember your thoughtfulness and they might be more inclined to assist you in the future. Most importantly, thank-you notes should be genuine and not simply a means to an end. The rewards from taking the time to write a handwritten note are only realized when the motivation and message come from a sincere place.

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By Eric Ashby
Eric Ashby