Student Spotlight: Purandhya Vij, MPA/MSES Environmental Policy

Name: Purandhya Vij

Degree: MPA/MSES Environmental Policy

Career Spotlight: MIT COVID-19 Challenge Winner





A Blessing In Disguise

After her internship was cancelled due to COVID-19, Purandhya Vij dedicated herself to finding a suitable alternative to her well-laid plans.  With remarkable determination, she said “if there is only one last internship left, it is for me!”  She kept up her search and then found an equally remarkable experience with the MIT COVID-19 Challenge.  And more good news…her team was one of three winners in the virtual competition!

I recently met with Purandhya in a virtual appointment to ask questions about her summer experience and what her takeaways were from the challenge. Her team of six took on the topic of education during the COVID crisis, and they are continuing their research on this important topic with the resources provided by Amazon.  Purandhya has had the privilege of working with top scholars from all over the world, an experience she would not have had if her original internship had gone forward as planned.  Although she is currently interning with two organizations during the summer, she calls it a blessing in disguise to have this opportunity with the MIT COVID-19 Challenge.

Feel free to connect with Purandhya Vij via LinkedIn to learn more about her experience and for advice on searching for meaningful work opportunities.

By Ama Amzat
Ama Amzat Peer Educator Ama Amzat