O’Neill School COVID-19 Graduate Internship Action Plan

O’Neill School COVID-19 Internship Action Plan

Graduate Students

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shifting state of the economy, students planning to complete their internship for academic credit between May 2020 and December 2021 may choose from the following options to complete the requirement.

*Please note, the O’Neill School reserves the right to modify the following options based on guidance from the public safety office for credit-bearing programs. In the event this happens, students will be notified immediately through their official Indiana University email accounts. 

A. Student has already been hired for an on-site internship, is permitted to conduct the internship on-site, and feels comfortable completing their internship on-site.

  • Students will register and complete V585/E589/Y750 as normal.

B. Student has already been hired for an on-site internship but is not permitted to conduct the internship on-site, or no longer feels comfortable completing the internship on-site.

  • Student should contact internship host/supervisor and request to complete the internship remotely.
  • Students who can continue their internship remotely will register and complete V585/E589/Y750.

C. STUDENT PLANS TO GRADUATE IN DECEMBER 2020, MAY 2021, JULY 2021, or DECEMBER 2021 and will not be able to complete an internship.

  • Student will fulfill professional development degree requirement by completing alternative professional development course. Request permission to register for the class by completing the survey at: Graduate Internship Alternative Class
    • MPA or MSES students must register for 0 credits, with the option add elective credits (see D below).
    • MAAA students must register for 3 credits.
  • The Graduate Internship Alternative Class will be offered in the following academic terms: Fall 2020, Spring 2021.

D. Students who would like to take the internship class for elective credits must receive written permission from their Program Director and forward to the Career Hub at careerhb@indiana.edu.

  • Additional enrolled credit will require additional coursework and will be assessed for tuition based on the academic term in which it is enrolled.



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