3 Ways to Wrap Up Your Summer Position

Summer is over whether we want to admit it or not. If you had an internship, volunteer role, or part time job, there are a few quick things you need to do now to make the most of the time you spent.

Connect: Maintain your relationships regardless of the experience you had. A great way to stay connected professionally is through LinkedIn. Following the end of your internship, connect with your colleagues and supervisors on LinkedIn, ask for letters of recommendation, or ask them if they would be willing to serve as a reference in the future. You can also request recommendations on LinkedIn; do this now while the relationship is still “fresh” so that it doesn’t feel awkward later.

Reflect: It’s crucial to reflect on your internship experience to figure out elements that you enjoyed and those that you didn’t. Can you see yourself working for this company or doing similar work in the future? If your answer is yes, what are some next steps to continue down this career path? If not, it’s time to pivot and strategize your next move in regards to career exploration and development.  Do you have a mentor to debrief your experience with? If not, there are consultants in the career hub who would love to help!

Apply: Update your resume to articulate what you’ve learned over the summer. You can translate your skills and accomplishments not only on your resume, but also in your classes. Apply what you’ve learned and use your experience as a building block for your future career. Think about how you might discuss the projects you worked on with future employers in an interview setting. What were your key takeaways?

By O'Neill Career Hub
O'Neill Career Hub