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Upcoming Career Fairs!

It's career fair season! Focus fairs are a great opportunity to engage with employers, network in-person, and find opportunities for jobs & internships.

Stop by the Career Hub (M-F, 10 am - 4 pm) or visit The Career Hub Website resources to ensure you're prepared & ready to make a great impression! Click the attached links below for more information on the upcoming fairs and if you plan to attend make sure to register for fairs via Handshake.

-Business and Management: https://app.joinhandshake.com/edu/career_fairs/32282

-Government and Consulting: https://app.joinhandshake.com/edu/career_fairs/32283

-Environment and Sustainability: https://app.joinhandshake.com/edu/career_fairs/32284

-Virtual Fair:


Featured Resource: Diversity Fair Question Resource

Prepare for the upcoming Diversity Career Fair Meet and Greets!

Did you know that each upcoming O'Neill Career Fair is dedicating 1 hour, before the fair, to minorities? If not, then now you do! For more information on these events click HERE.

In preparation for these events, the Career Hub has provided a new resource, HERE, to help you! This is a great resource to prepare questions to ask employers at the upcoming fairs and in any future endeavors.

Opportunities: Jobs and Internships

Job Opportunities 

  1. Development Officer and Board Liaison, Glimmerglass Festival, Cooperstown, NY [Expires 9/9/2022]
  2. Audience Services Manager, Constellation Stage & Screen, Bloomington, IN [Expires 9/12/2022]
  3. Audience Service Manager, Constellation Stage & Screen, Bloomington, IN [Expires 9/12/2022]
  4. Executive Director, Early Music Seattle, Seattle, WA [Expires 9/15/2022]
  5. Development Manager; Arts Non-Profit, Art Omi, NY [Expires 9/19/2022]
  6. Regional Arts Programming Manager, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Orlando, FL [Expires 9/25/2022]
  7. Current Job Openings - Sony Music Entertainment US - Multiple Locations

Internship/Fellowship Opportunities 

  1. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Research Fellow, Association of Arts Administration Educators, Providence, RI [Expires 9/12/2022]
  2. Internships, Hoosier Films, Bloomington, IN [Expires 9/16/22]
  3. Practicum, USA International Harp Competition, Bloomington, IN [Expires 9/16/22]
  4. Internship, Sew4Service, [Expires 9/16/22]
  5. Non-Profit Fundraising and Development Intern, Giordano Dance Chicago, Chicago, IL [Expires 9/16/2022]
  6. I Fell Galleries Intern, I Fell Galleries, Bloomington, IN [Expires 9/21/22]
Upcoming Events

Scenes from the Fornés Playwriting Workshop

Friday, September 9th @7 pm, in Studio Theatre

Join Migdalia Cruz & C√°ndido Tirado for more experience in playwriting. This workshop will read dramatic readings of short works created in the workshop that will then be directed by C√°ndido Tirado.

MOCK AUDITIONS FOR SINGERS ‚Äď Allan Armstrong and Charles Prestinari, adjudicators

Monday, September 19th @7-9 pm, in MC036

IU Theatre's inaugural Micro-Theatre Festival

Saturday, September 24th @ 2 pm, (in & around) Maxwell Hall

The IU Theatre Dept. Playwrights present the first ever Micro-Theatre Festival! 24 new plays by 24 new playwrights, premiering simultaneously in site-specific locations in and around Maxwell Hall.

CHORAL CONDUCTING MASTER CLASS ‚Äď Marissa Guarriello (IU Jacobs Music Education Doctoral Student)

Thursday, September 29th @6-7:30 pm, in M340

Virtual Mini Internships with Forage

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On Forage, you'll find hundreds of free virtual job simulations across fields like finance, law, consulting, engineering, marketing and more.

Register today and start exploring the world of opportunities available to you.

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If you know of ways to improve the newsletter or upcoming jobs, internships, and events the CAE community would love to hear, please feel free to email Judah Burt (judaburt@iu.edu).

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